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2009 $50 Gold - Augustus St, Gaudens - $3000

Ordered on the first day of release from the US Mint, I had anticipated that this coin would be the one purchase any collector must have and I was thoroughly satisfied when my lot came. The nicest coin I've ever seen from the US MINT, the double thick planchet is much akin to the piedfort issues from the British Royal mint limited issues. This commemorative was a tribute to Augustus St. Gaudens, the greatest sculptor of his time, commissioned by Teddy Roosevelt to redesign our coinage and move away from what he considered bland representations. This issue struck multiple times with sq.inch pressures of exceedingly high order have fullfilled the expectations today that were unattainable in the 1900's. Perfect heirloom, it's the first US coin in 24kt Gold.

1873 Closed 3 Indian Head Cent MS61 - $950

PCGS MS61 RB 1873 closed 3 IHC. This is one of the keys of the indian head cent series,it is a census and condition rarity with a long term historical price point well above similar issues, predominately due to the high number of indian head cent collectors. Great addition to you cabinet, and great potential.

1942/1 Dime - ICG VF 30 - $950 Green label

This overdate dime, ICG Green label VF30 is a very well defined example of the overdate, and a census and condition rarity. This overdate did not even come into the forefront until the late 50's when an astute hobbyist perusing his collection of mercury dimes noted the irregularity and forwarded his finding to yhe ANA who verified it, made it now a much desired collectible. There is another 42/1 overdate, the "d" mint example, which is much harder to detect to overdate, and of lesser value.

1909/8 $20 Gold - St. Gaudens -  triplets - $6000

Here are three lady's who at just over 100 are looking pretty good! I just like overdates, and these three certified examples are really something to put in your portfolio and know this was likely the most well spent money on three beautiful girls you ever did. The total mintage of $20 '09 St. Gaudens Gold pieces was something like 184000. Of that population, overdates are likely 1% or so of the total mintage, and these three are truely desirable, PCGS and NGC certified at AU53,AU58, and MS61, they are offered as one lot. To compare them together and determine the rational for the grade differences will give you Excedrin headache number 1..In that they are condition and census rarities, and the only over dates of the series from 1907 - 1933, exceedingly good buys at this price.

2007 Proof Buffalo - $50 Gold - 1st Strike- $2500

I ordered this lot on the 1st day of availability, and thought that the premium I paid over spot price of gold had me thinking I'd probably paid too much. Wrong would be an understatement. This coin is absolutely perfect, it is iconic with the famous Fraser indian head and buffalo as from the early nickels of the early 1900's through 1937. This coin has soared at auction sales, ebay, greysheets, and everyoffering available. Add one to your cabinet and know this tangible asset will not be like most other options of recent history, 


1892 S Morgan Silver Dollar Pair: PCGS AU50 ACC AU55. Two for the price of 1. $6000 Certif

The 92's Morgan has distinction as a semi-key issue to the Morgan series. Mintage of this issue was one million, yet it was heavily circulated, resulting in a condition rarity today reflecting less than 100 by all services in mint state. Relatively common in lower grades, those up to XF examples are separated from AU by not hundreds of dollars, but thousands. Provenance of the PCGS lot is to Allstate Coin of Arizona, where the owner submitted it to PCGS in its early days and was designated as AU50. Not indicated is the PL field, a consideration not in the lexicon of graders of that time, the coin would be a very good resubmittal candidate, for higher attained grade and added clarification to PL stature. As what I perceive to be its twin, is the second 92s with this offering, the ACC AU55, submitted from Connecticut in the early 1980's. Acc was the first grader to encapsulate issues, and was later purchased by David Hall from PCGS. I enjoy the nuances of this pair together and believe you too will enjoy that they are so very much twins...why have one when you can buy two for the price of one...when you pass them on, neither heir could complain that the other got the better of the two...

1799/8 Capped Bust Dollar, ANACS photo Grade, Heraldic eagle reverse, $4750

This is a very desirable example of the first overdate  dollar produced in our numismatic history, submitted to ANACS in the early years of photo grading, it is attributed VF20/20. Of the 20 plus Bolender designations, this has 13 star reverse,7x6 star obverse, Full "U", no die cracks, and has absolute originality. ANACS Provenance of ownership to a Circuit Judge of discriminate tastes, it has even original toning, muted greys and steel blue, an absolute candidate for submittal to either PCGS, NGC, or other major service for likely upgrade to comparable market grades now dominating the numismatic perspective. Absolute guaranty as to your satisfaction, or return for full refund less shipping within 15 day of  registered receipt.


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